Website Buttons Widget

This is another handy widget for website users. This one lets you create graphical ‘buttons’ with links to popular third-party services, key industry sites and other important info.

We have helped many of you with Hail Websites to create custom graphics linking to third-party services and industry sites in education like Hero, Kindo and ERO.

To make it easier to create and edit these buttons we’ve developed a new widget for all Hail Website users to upload images or select from predesigned graphics and add a link to each.

You can add up to 6 of these ‘buttons’ and select where they are displayed, either:

  • Under the main text block 
  • Above the sidebar text block
  • Or under the sidebar text block

This widget is available to all users on Pro and Plus plans. And if the Industry type in your Settings is set to Education, you’ll find a library of predesigned buttons to choose from. For other industry types and buttons that haven’t been included, you can upload your own graphics as JPG or PNG files.

How to add buttons to your website

Navigate to the Widgets section in the main sub-menu or the Website Button Widget within the Website edit screen. Open the widget to expose the options:

  1. Select a predesigned graphic.
  2. Or upload your own (JPG or PNG 700 x 160 pixels recommended).
  3. Click on the little edit icon (pencil) and give it a link. Either a published article or publication in Hail or a URL to an external webpage.
  4. Then at the bottom select where the button(s) should be displayed.
  5. For additional buttons, Click the green '+ Add button' button and repeat steps 1 – 3.
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