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Hail's Stats have been rebuilt from scratch to make them much more accurate and powerful with amazing new insights coming soon.

Unfortunately, as part of the rebuild, we've had to reset all the numbers back to zero and start the count again fresh. This means that any views before the 21st of September, 2021 on older articles, publications and the website aren’t included in the latest stats.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes but we hope you’ll enjoy the much-improved stats and exciting updates on the horizon.

To view your stats from your published articles and publications from the last 30 days. Click on the 'Stats' tab in the grey left-hand sub-menu. The stats overview shows the most recent articles and their number of views. You'll also find recent publications with their view counts and visits to your Hail Website if you have one.

Each article has icons next to its date indicating if it's added to a Hail Website, which publication(s) it's included in and which connections it's been published to such as Facebook, Twitter and MailChimp.

Publications are also listed with their relevant icons. That makes it possible to check how well those various channels are contributing to the views.

For our Pro and Plus Plan customers, the latest upgrade also brings stats directly into all your article and publication edit screens. This means you can search and browse across all your content, checking out viewer numbers as you go.

Important notes:

  • Stats can take up to 24 hours to update in the overview.
  • Article stats include views within any publications, the Website and opens from social media and email etc.
  • Views are 'unique' so we only count each view once for each reader in each session. So even if an individual opens a Newsletter and reads by jumping back and forth from the article blocks into articles multiple times it'll only count as one view for the publication and one view for each article that's read. This way you can be sure your stats aren't inflated.

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