Advanced Stats

Advanced Stats, available on the Plus Plan and as a Referral Bonus, supercharges your data with views over time, by country and source/device specifics. This gives you powerful insights into when, where and how your articles, newsletters and website are being viewed.

Views over time

Knowing how many total views your content has is great, but seeing the evolution of views over the last few days, weeks or months is a whole other level. Now you’re able to refine your publishing schedule to match when most people are reading, for example, over the weekend or start of the week and investigate long-term trends for content that is revisited regularly.

Views by country

Does your school, business or non-profit have an international department or market? If so you’ll really appreciate the beautiful new map highlighting views worldwide. Digital content reaches across the globe, now you’ll know exactly where to and which international audiences to focus on.


Hail’s unique platform has always focused on empowering you to create once, publish everywhere! The ability to effortlessly post your content across the web, email and social media is a huge timesaver. Unfortunately, multichannel publishing can be a bit of a black box at times and hard to know which platform is driving the most clickthroughs. Now with Advanced Stats, you’ll get a breakdown of the exact sources of traffic:

  • Direct: by typing the address directly in the browser and from clicks in email mailouts, bookmarks or through browsing newsletters and other publications.
  • Social Networks: views that came from clicking on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts.
  • Websites: Views from clicks on your website or elsewhere on the web.
  • Search Engines: Views that came from Google searches.


Everything you publish with Hail is mobile-friendly so it’s reassuring to confirm that the majority of viewers are most likely reading your articles, newsletters and website on smartphones.

Combining the insights of which devices people are reading your content on with the traffic sources, plus views over time and broken down by country gives you the most complete picture of your audience. All this is presented in Hail’s typically streamlined and easy to use interface and while respecting the privacy of your community by not exposing any identifying details.

How to get Advanced Stats

If you’re a Plus Plan customer you'll find the advanced stats by clicking on any item in the Stats Dashboard and by hitting the Views tally at the top of article, publication and website edit screens.

If you’re on Pro or Starter plans and would like to upgrade just get in touch with our team for details or unlock Advanced Stats with Hail's referral programme.

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