Open Rates in Hail Mail

In Hail Mail, we show Open Rates in the mail dashboard. This serves to reassure you that your email is being opened. But please note due to changes in technology, open rates don't provide a true indication of who is accessing all your Hail Mail news.


Open rates rely on whether or not your reader downloads pictures and the technology you are using, for example, if your reader is using Outlook as their mail client and reads the text in your Hail Newsletter but doesn't click the option to download images, the images are downloaded and it is shown in Hail Mail as not opened.

Also if your users use an Apple device those customers contacts using Apple Mail now have the option to enable a new feature called Mail Privacy Protection, which will limit the ability to accurately determine, whether or when an email has been opened, where a contact is located when they open it and the type of device and client a contact is using when they open it.

But in Hail, we know that providing a true indication of who is reading your content is important. This is why we have developed a Stats Reporting service that captures a true indication of who, when and how your Hail content is being accessed. We do offer Google Analytics integration as an option or you can use our Hail Mail stats service.


Check out this example on how stats show open rates across a time period as well as where the Hail content was accessed, by what device and via Hail Mail, website or social media.

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