Changing Your Billing & Paying Outstanding Invoices

If you have the required permissions you can change or update your billing information very easily.

Only the Hail Organisation Owner, or an Admin can edit the billing details. 

Head to your billing section:

Updating the credit card on file

  • If your credit card has expired or you need to change it to another one, you'll first need to click on the 'Remove' option and then 'Add card'.
  • Then simply run through the payment processor steps to add your card.

Please note: Even if the card number and name hasn't changed you'll need to remove it and add it again with the updated expiry date.

Paying outstanding invoices

If a credit card payment failed due to an expired card or other reason, you'll need to:

  • First, update the card on file, as per the steps above.
  • Then in the Invoices section, you'll see an invoice highlighted in red with a little red 'Pay Invoice' button. Simply hit that button to pay the outstanding invoice.

Once the credit card is updated and outstanding invoice paid, all future invoices will be processed automatically again on your monthly or yearly cycle.

If you're not sure who the Owner of your Hail Organisation is, or who is an Admin, go to your members section to check (Under your organisation click 'Members')

  • If you would like to pay via direct debit or wish to know more about Hail pricing and plans please email Stuart.
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