Creating a MailChimp Account

Who knew pigeons and chimps could get on so well? You'll be amazed at what a powerful combination they make when you connect your MailChimp subscriber lists to your Hail account.

With Hail you simply authorise your MailChimp account once and then creating and sending email campaigns is as easy as pushing a button. Hail packages up your content, be it a single image, video, article or a full newsletter, and delivers it directly to your MailChimp audience — no more logging into MailChimp and struggling to add and format all your images and content with those fiddly templates.

This is a handy walk-through on how to add audiences in MailChimp and connect them to your Hail account.

MailChimp is an email distribution system that allows you to send communications to up to 2000 different email address free of charge. Once you have created the connection between Hail and MailChimp you can send your newsletters and articles to your MailChimp audience directly from Hail. 

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