Scheduling Content

Ever wanted to publish to social media and send out your email campaign at a later date and time? You can with Hail!

  • Once you publish your content and choose which connection you'd like to send your content to — e.g. Facebook, Hail Mail list, SMS list, or WordPress etc.
  • The popup publishing window includes a checkbox to 'schedule your post for a later date/time'.
  • Simply select the date and time of the day you'd like your content to be posted and hit the green 'Schedule' button at the bottom. Done!
  • You'll see your scheduled post in the content's Publish box, where it can also be edited. Plus, all scheduled content is added to a schedule calendar showing upcoming and recently sent posts. You'll find that list at the top-right next to your Notifications Inbox.

Now you don't have to be hovering over your keyboard at all hours of the day and night just to post to Facebook at the perfect time. With Hail's scheduling feature you just set it and forget it!

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