Publishing and Connections

Learn all about Hail's flow for creating, reviewing and publishing content, plus the third-party connections you can post to.

There are 3 states that an article can be in:

  • All articles start as Drafts which only you the author can see in Hail. This gives you time to write your article, add images and revisit it as many times as needed.
  • When it’s ready for feedback from the rest of your Hail team or inclusion in Publications you make it Ready. At that stage it’ll be posted to the Dashboard Notifications and accessible to all in the Article Browser.
  • If you want to post it to social media, email or other Connections you Publish it.

Note: Only Hail Owners, Admins and Publishers can publish articles and add them to publications. Contributors create articles and make them Ready for others to publish. Hail will automatically Publish any Ready articles which are added to a publication, as they’re assumed to be shareable at that point.

  • Once published, articles can be opened and seamlessly shared to any third-party Connections that have been set up in Hail such as: Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp, WordPress, Blogger, LinkedIn etc.
  • Available connections are listed in the sidebar’s Published Article block under ‘Where would you like to Publish it?’. Simply click on the connection you wish to publish to and confirm the post in the popup window or schedule your post for a later date/time.

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