Adding Connections

Adding Connections gives you one-button-publishing of articles and publications straight to social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. As well as to blog platforms like Wordpress and bulk emailing with Mailchimp.

It's all very easy to set up from within Hail itself. You're painlessly guided through the authorisation process with your chosen services and once complete you're all set to post! Hail does all the hard work of packaging up your content and perfectly optimising it for each channel.

To add new platforms to publish to simply head to the Connections section in the grey left-hand sub-menu and click on the ‘ +’ link next to the service you wish to add, for example ‘+ Facebook’. Then simply follow the steps to authorise Hail with the service and configure the connection to the correct Facebook Page, MailChimp List or WordPress Blog etc.

Note: You’ll need to be a full admin of the third-party platform you want to add, and only Hail Owners, Admin and Publishers can access and edit Connections.

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