Tips and Best Practices for Tags

Tags have a very important dual purpose; they organise your content within Hail AND categorise your articles for readers of your newsletters, blogs, yearbooks and websites.

  • Only organization Owners, Admin, and Publishers can create and edit tags. All members can add tags to articles, images and videos. 
  • The tags you create within Hail can become visible to your audience through publications and the Content API. So be sure to tag with care.
  • If there’s a tag you’d like to add that’s missing from the list you can add it in the main Tags section in the grey left-hand sub-menu.

  • New tags automatically appear as filters in the article and image lists and are immediately available to add to your content.
  • To tag content, simply edit the article, image, or video and click on Add tags. Then, as you begin typing you will be presented with a list of matching suggestions from your existing tags.
  • Content can be tagged multiple times. For example, an article on the Junior Futsal Champions could be tagged with FutsalSport and Indoor Sport.

The more time and attention you give to creating meaningful tags and categorizing your content, the more dynamic and future-proofed your content will become. Tag-based taxonomy will create rich connections between articles and help to serve up relevant content to your audiences.

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