Hero Integration

Schools that use Hero can now integrate with Hail Mail and publish Hail articles, newsletters and other publications directly to their automatically-synced parent/caregiver and staff contact lists.

Hero is a powerful and secure online sharing and student management platform. Many schools enjoy its modern architecture. Now with Hail Mail integration, it's even easier to post your beautiful Hail-made newsletters and updates to your full school list in Hero.

Why integrate with Hero?

Once set up you'll never need to export your full school list and import it into Hail Mail again. Hail will automatically keep your school lists with the contacts in Hero synced. So every time you publish to the list in Hail, it'll grab the latest version from Hero before delivering the emails.

Any edits and additions to the contacts will be done in Hero and automatically synced to Hail. And, just like with other Hail Mail lists, your community has the option to unsubscribe from any emails received.

You publish to Hero in the same way as before, from within the Publish box on the article and publication edit screens in Hail. You’ll now find new Hero lists in there for publishing to a full school list of parents and caregivers, as well as lists for each year group and staff if wanted.

Can I still publish to niche and class subscriber lists?

Yes, initially the Hero integration will only provide and sync with specific school lists and staff. If you also have smaller lists for things like class and specific interests set up in Hail Mail, you'll still need to manually maintain them for the time being.

How do I set up the integration?

If your school wants to integrate Hero with Hail, the best way is to contact the helpdesk via the help button in the Hero software or this support email. Hero will then get in touch with us and together we'll create the necessary connections between the platforms.

Any questions? Just get in touch with our friendly support team.

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