Quick-Links Overview

Quick-links are a handy way to highlight specific content at the top of your Hail Website, Portal, Newsletters, Blogs, Yearbooks and Articles and work like a navigation structure.

You can choose which quick-links are shown at the top of different content types. For e.g. I may have a different options for my website and Portal. You can add quick-links that link to other Hail articles and publications or any external websites or pages.

  • You can find Quick Links in the grey left-hand sub-menu (Or in the sidebar when you’re looking at an Article, Publication, or your Hail Website.).

  • Quick-links are a handy way to highlight specific content on your Hail Website. You can add quick-links to Hail articles, publications and external websites or pages. 
  • Only organisation Owners, Admin, and Publishers can create and edit quick-links.
  • Quick-links will only be visible to the public if they have been associated with a Hail article/publication or external link AND selected to display somewhere such as the Website.
  • Quick-links should be kept very short, to one or two words, in order to ensure there's enough room for all to display at smaller screen sizes.
  • On mobile phones quick-links will display at the top of the open menu.
  • Simply drag and drop the quick-links in the list to order them.
  • Quick-links can also be used to highlight important temporary notices.

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