Linked Text Blocks

This is a great feature for helping tidy up and better organise your long FAQs, School Info Packs and Q&A articles.

This is our latest addition to Hail's article creation toolbox. It gives you the ability to add a series of linked text blocks, creating an index of headings at the top of the article, which link to their respective text sections underneath.

To see it in action, have a look at this Covid FAQ example here.

Keeping FAQs tidy

Some advantages of adding these kinds of text sections in blocks are that each has its own text editor window and once added they can be dragged and dropped to change the order.

Like to try it out?

If you want us to enable Linked Text Blocks for you? Just get in touch and we'll get right on it, free of charge.

How it works

Once enabled, article edit screens will have a new option at the bottom to 'add block' as seen here...

You simply add Linked Text blocks, following the prompts in the popover windows, to give each block a heading and a content section before saving.

Text in the Content section can be highlighted for formatting with bold, italics, headings, links etc., just like text in the Body section of other articles.

To edit or delete a linked text block, you simply click on it in the list to open its popover window. You can also drag and drop the linked text blocks in the list to reorder them.

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