Bulk Import Contacts into Hail Mail

Hail Mail provides a streamlined yet powerful bulk import feature for adding contacts to your subscriber lists.

It is easy to bulk import contacts to a Hail Mail Subscriber list:

  • Click '+ Import contacts' 

  • Select which list you want to import them too.
  • Tick the box "The contacts I am importing have consented to receiving emails via the above list.
  • Click 'Open Importer'

  • You can either add a csv/tsv file with the emails in it, or copy and paste them into the 'manually enter your data here" section.
  • Once you've added your contacts click 'Continue' 

  • Match your columns and headings correctly then click 'Continue' (If the columns do not match, or you have extra columns of information click 'Ignore this column'.)

  • Toggle the "Only show rows with problems" button

  • You can edit any row by double-clicking on it

  • Once you are happy click 'Complete' 

  • If there are any issues with email addresses at this point you will be given the option to go back and edit them or discard them from the import. 
  • Your contacts will now be imported to your chosen list and you can view and edit them by clicking on a list and then selecting the 'Edit Subs' button.
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