Bulk Edit Hail Mail Subscribers

Some actions such as adding subscribers to other lists, removing from the current list and deleting subscribers can be done in bulk to save time.

In the Main Hail Mail Screen, click on the Subscriber list you want to edit and click 'Edit Subs'

Bulk Edit Hail Mail Subscribers:
  • Clicking on a subscriber’s checkbox will change the list into multi-select mode and now clicking anywhere on other subscribers will add them to the selection too.
  • Once your multi-selection is complete, simply click on the drop-down menu to the right of the search box and choose what you wish to do with your selected subscribers:
    • Add to another Subscriber list
    • Remove from the current list
    • Clear your selection
    • Delete all selected subscribers
Expert tip: to select multiple subscribers in a row, simply select the first with the checkbox and then while pressing shift on the keyboard select the last subscriber. Voilà — all the contacts in between will also be selected.
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