Bulk Edit Hail Mail Subscribers

In the Main Hail Mail Screen, click on the Subscriber list you want to edit and click 'Edit Subs'

Bulk Edit Hail Mail Subscribers:
  • Clicking on a subscriber’s checkbox will change the list into multi-select mode and now clicking anywhere on other subscribers will add them to the selection too.
  • Once your multi-selection is complete, simply click on the drop-down menu to the right of the search box and choose what you wish to do with your selected subscribers:
    • Add to another Subscriber list
    • Remove from the current list
    • Clear your selection
    • Delete all selected subscribers
Expert tip: to select multiple subscribers in a row, simply select the first with the checkbox and then while pressing shift on the keyboard select the last subscriber. Voilà — all the contacts in between will also be selected.
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