Hail Mail Main Screen Overview

With Hail Mail, you can create and maintain subscriber lists, add and remove contacts and publish your newsletters and articles to thousands of emails — all from within Hail itself.

Hail Mail is a bulk emailing solution that is easy to use and streamlined to only include what you need, with no extra features getting in the way of your workflow.

  • You can find Hail Mail in the grey left-hand sub-menu.
  • Only organisation owners and curators can access Hail Mail.

  • Once you have added a Hail Mail subscriber list you will see the list in the sidebar when you publish an Article or Publication.

On the Hail Mail Main Screen you can do lots of different things:

  • Create a new Subscriber list.
  • Add a single subscriber.
  • Import multiple contacts at once.
  • See your subscriber limit.
  • Upgrade your plan — Higher plans have larger subscriber limits and monthly send limits.
  • Search all your subscribers.
  • See your monthly send limit.
  • See Recent Mailout Info — You can also see the open and click-through rate on your recent mailouts, and if you hover over them it will show the open and click-through rates as a percentage. 
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