Add or Remove Members in Hail

It's really easy to add or remove members from your Hail account.

  • Under your organisation click 'Members'.
  • Or click 'Members' in the grey left-land sub-menu.

  • Here you can see all your current members, what level of access they have, and anyone you have invited to your organisation. 
  • In the top right you can see how many members you currently have, and your member limit. 
  • In the top left there is an '+ Invite new member' button. Click this to add new members.
  • The owner of an organisation can invite people to be either a 'Curator' or a 'Contributor'. Curators have all content creation permissions and can create publications and edit other members' content. Contributors can create articles, upload and tag media, but can't publish to the web or edit other members' content.
  • Curators can invite people to be a 'Contributor'. 
  • Contributors are not able to invite people to an organisation. 

If you click the icon on the top right of a member you can choose to change the members access type, remove them, or if you are the owner you can transfer ownership to another member. 

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