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One of the most exciting features of the website design is the Banner Carousel. This allows you to add up to 5 articles, images or a video to the homepage banner where they will automatically rotate like a slideshow.

You can switch the homepage’s banner between highlighting articles, images or video. And we’ve added a full-width banner option in addition to the regular-sized banner.

  • The Banner is the main block that appears at the top of your website.
  • By default, your Website will display the latest article, image or video in the banner if none are selected.

Articles, Images or Video

The banner has the ability to swap between displaying articles, images or video.

  • Articles are what the banner has always offered and what we’ve encouraged because you’re able to highlight either the most compelling recent news items, the important pages from across the site or a mix of both.
  • But for those organisations which prefer more of a brochure-like homepage experience, that requires less ongoing work to keep updated, they can simply select up to 5 images for the banner, with or without captions.
  • And lastly, you have the option to select from your video library in Hail and choose one YouTube or Vimeo clip which will be displayed as a muted, background video banner that autoplays for visitors right at the top of your homepage. Also with or without captions.

These 3 options are hot-swappable, meaning you can configure each one as you please and switch between them on the fly as needed. So it’s incredibly easy to completely update the content and feel of your website from one day to the next. Or, just set it and forget it.

Regular Banner or Full-width

You also have the option to swap between the regular banner style or a full-width version.

  • The regular size allows for more details like the events calendar, translate widget and sidebar text to sit higher on the page for tablet, laptop and desktop users.
  • Whereas the full-width banner has more visual impact.

The choice is yours and, just like with the banner’s media options, you can switch between banner sizing with one button at any point. So if you have a particularly important news item or upcoming event you really want to highlight, you could temporarily run the full-width banner and drop it back down to regular size once business is back to normal.

No matter which unique style of website you want to present to the world, you have the tools to really make it your own.

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