Private Tags

You told us that sometimes you wanted to organize your content in the backend of Hail through tags, but didn't necessarily want those tags to show up in any of your public outputs, like in your newsletter for instance. So we created a clever feature called private tags, just for that purpose.

Private tags allow you to organize your content within Hail without worrying that the tags will be visible to your readers. 

  • You can edit and create Private Tags in the "Tags" tab (located in the left-hand sub-menu) - Just scroll down and they'll be under your regular tags. 
  • To add a Private Tag to an article, image, or video - Simply add the tags under the "Private Tags" section in the right-hand sidebar. 
  • Private Tags can help collaboration by drawing members attention to specific content. For example, you could create private tags like ‘For Bob to complete’ and ‘Year 8 – please review’.
  • Private Tags are also handy for long-term planning. For example, at the start of the year you could create a ‘Yearbook 2019’ Private Tag and tag the best content with it as the year progresses. Then when it comes time to curate the Yearbook, you’ll already have your first cut of the content organised.

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