Bulk Edit Images

We always recommend that when possible it's best to give your imagery unique captions, tags and other details. The more descriptive and distinct your images are, the better your content will be and the easier it is to search for specific photos within Hail's system.

However, sometimes you upload dozens of shots from your latest event and need a quick way to give them all the same base caption, tags and photographer's name; without opening up each one and editing them individually. Read on to find out how Hail now makes that dead easy...

  1. Head to your organisation's Images section in the left-hand main menu.
  2. Clicking on an image's checkbox will change the list into multi-select mode and now clicking anywhere on other image listings will add them to the selection too.
  3. Once your multi-selection is complete, simply click on the drop-down menu to the right of the search box and choose 'Edit selected'.
  4. This will bring up the familiar image edit window that now allows you to edit all the images' captions, people fields and/or metadata at once.

Expert tip: to select multiple images in a row, simply select the first with the checkbox and then while pressing shift on the keyboard select the last image. Voilà — all the images in between will also be selected.

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